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Cinta The Label

'Cinta' is Spanish for ribbon

CINTA takes inspiration from adventure, vintage heirlooms, a love for whimsical but practical collections, people and spiritual journeys. We aim to bring fun, timeless pieces to your wardrobe, celebrating women of all ages! 


We are Palones.

“Our goal is to create trans-seasonal clothing that won’t go out of fashion in a few months time, pieces that can be re-styled each season with the rest of your wardrobe’’

SpringTime In Brooklyn, a slow fashion clothing brand that (quite literally) sprung from Zoey's own frustration at not having enough beautiful Boob-feeding-friendly clothes that flattered all the postpartum wobbles. Named after the most phenomenal time of year in New York where life emerges after many months of darkness.

Spring Time
In Brooklyn
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A weekly edit of our fave 12 pieces bringing you all the Summer vibes!