Zoey Tzfanya is the CEO and Designer of SpringTime In Brooklyn, a slow fashion clothing brand that (quite literally) sprung from her own frustration at not having enough beautiful Boob-feeding-friendly clothes that flattered. Named after the most phenomenal time of year in NYC, where life emerges after many months of darkness. 

Just 7 weeks after beginning, her husband tragically and suddenly died, leaving Zoey to navigate life and grief with two small boys amidst a pandemic. She reopened SpringTime 9 months after his death to sell off stock- selling out in a few days and prompting her to take charge and begin again. Nowadays, SpringTime brings with it a new purpose to help fellow widows, ones who didn’t receive life insurance, through profits of the dress sales. 

Zoey, who was born in North London is also a classically trained singer, writer and graduate of Goldsmiths University London, where she studied the Fine Arts. Zoey now lives in Florida, where her husbands family reside- spending every moment possible in between the chaos of motherhood and grief on the beach, next to God.